Welcome to Binocle’s documentation

This is the main documentation of Binocle, a C engine mainly aimed at game development.

The previous incarnation was a C++ engine with way more features than this one, but I wanted to get back to the basics and trim everything down to a more manageable framework without all the bloat that C++ carries around.

It’s born out of the need for the following features:

  • Cross-platform compilation (macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Web)

  • OpenGL ES 2 support (but you can use any variant of OpenGL as long as it’s supported by your hardware)

Nothing too fancy, but still something I always need when I make 2D or 3D games and prototypes.


The API is evolving all the time but the core is pretty stable. I keep adding and tweaking stuff based on my needs, so things may change without notice.

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